Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lightning Fighter Selfmade 1: from a Tornado IDS model

I have a theory... Forge World sculptors create the Lightning Fighter from a Tornado model! The proportions are the same. Now I've to demostrate my theory building the same aircraft from the same model.
Airport diorama with an old pilot and Cadians

Two 1:72 Tornado models:

I notice two things:
  1. the scale of the starting models is not the correct one, my Lightning will be smaller
  2. the Lightning nose (headlights?) is the same of the Tornado rear!

Skid landings from ejection seats:
Two engines from a felt tip pen. Nose enlarged with two Tornado wing tanks.

Long barrel autocannon and some upgrade to engines, wings, skid landings...
Apache propellers can become wing flaps...