Monday, April 22, 2019

Mordheim project, part 3: Leopold's Leopard Company

Leopold's Leopard Company comes from Canada and now settles in Mordheim ruins... 
I love these models, in particular the champion and the standard bearer, so I start from them:

I buy five Leopards to give them a second chance. Leopold's right arm was missing and the standard bearer was badly converted in a pikeman.  
I planned to give a two-handed sword to the last one, but then I restored the pike. A sabre to the champion and then a gladius, that's fine because this Tilean dogs of war look like the Ancient Roman Signifers.
Metal gloves and greaves increase the armour and a leopard face decorates the elbow guard.
PS: I haven't forgotten the Bretonnian band. I considered to use a plastic man-at-arms to make an Errant Knight on foot, but I discarded the idea.