Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Regimental HQ part 2: Imperial Guard Chaplain

To complete the miracle From one miniatures I get two ones, here you are the Chaplain of the Imperial Guard! I'm not sure what in the name of the Emperor he is... He can not be an Astropath (no third eye), he can not be a Techpriest (no mechanical limbs), he can not be a Priest (no Eviscerator), so he can be an Imperial Missionary, to replace the one I've sold many years ago.

Solar Macharius' weapon, Steel Legion Officer's body and Rough Rider's right arm. I don't like his hood, maybe one day I could remove it.

The skull remember me the Chaplain one, but a friend of mine say that it looks like a feral mask. Better, Darth Maul mask!

Pics of the work in progress:

So I can deploy him as Horus Heresy Rouge Psyker, to defend Prospero with Tallarn Highlanders.