Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Shadow wars project, part 4: Mkoll and Rawne

After more than two years, I've completed these two selfmade Ghosts of Tanith: Scout Sergeant Mkoll and Major Rawne. With the Phantine Paratrooper they are the core of my Shadow Wars Armageddon team.
Then I find out that Major Rawne has a sharpened face and my officer hasn't (anyway, this Missionary head is the one I prefer). I also realize that Rawne miniature already exists, he's the Tanith Ghost with Plasmagun because of his starburst tattoo on the right eye... Well, may my conversion represent Gol Kolea? No, he's not from Tanith, he has no tattoo.
(Like) Rawne, he carries an explosive charge.
Mkoll looks better, he has short hair (the only thing I know from the Gaunt Ghosts books), Auspex and a comlink microphone.
Before painting:


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mordheim project, part 5: Leopold's Leopards face a Chaos Warrior

Perilous encounter in Mordheim. A Tilean band face a brass-armoured Chaos Warrior:
His name is Raoul, I was inspired by the famous one... The helms and the faces are pretty the same.
On the wake of Warhammer The Old World announcement, I purchase one of these marching warriors (more iconic than the Stormcasts I think), giving to him some humanity. Maybe he comes from those regions of Norsca that don't succumb entirely to Chaos powers.

In addition I do another conversion to the third Leopold's Leopard pikeman (a coat on his back) and I renovate some details of Leopold with green stuff, too.

This Leopold's Leopard pikeman is a tiny man, the comparison with the Chaos Warrior is eloquent.

I think in Mordheim Raoul Chaos Warrior may be played as a big Gladiator.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Titanicus project, part 3: selfmade Reaver Titan

Nearly a year ago I needed a Reaver Titan to deploy a Venator Light Maniple, then I started to build one. Now I'm listening Mechanicum audiobook and I must finish the model, the loyal Legio Tempestus is heroic (and Taranis Knights too).
In the photo the latest update.

In the begininning I've started with pieces from 1:72 tanks, helicopter and guns (and a skeleton of wire):

If without legs it looks like a space ship, then it's all ok... Maybe is a bit too high.
So, I shorten the legs:

This Reaver head looks like to a Transformer's one, so I try to build new eyes-sensors and I change the shape, before too much square. The flexible metal hoses are made with springs and wire:

The Apocalypse Missile Launcher raises the Titan Reaver too much, again...
I have to improve it, to shorten its neck maybe.