Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 13

New update! I slowly come close to end. Slowly.
This time I've worked on the lower part of the cockpit, the Erithacus nose.

I've removed this big radar antenna/refuel support. Before it was too asymetric.

Then I've added this plastic component, form Chimera desembark hatch, I'm not sure. 

Green Stuff work. Now Light Attack Craft Erithacus' nose looks like (a bit...) a sport car's nose.

The new nose is more compatible with the vertical line of storm bolter. 

Frontal view. 

The radar antenna is replaced by an armoured plate.

Don't look at the upper part of cockpit and the canopy, I must change them!


  1. So how is the current status?

    Are you still active?

  2. The aircraft is parked in the hangar, it's waiting for me... "Finish me! Finish me!" it cries.. And I don't understand if aircraft tries to say to me "complete me" or "kill me so I don't suffer anymore" .. ;D

  3. Well, I hope you'll get your mojo back soon.:-)

    The konversion looks very promising. You might want to post this at the Ammobunker site, too. It's full of people who like to convert and paint 40k minis.

    Perhaps, you'll get some inspiration from there.