Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucifer Blacks conversion 5: Vox Operator and Grenade Launcher

Four Lucifer Blacks conversions completed. Four anonimous Veterans, all alike, how Lucifer Blacks should be. Four hardened bodyguards for my selfmade Beret Stormtrooper Commander.
AMIG: Arma Mano Iro Gura (that means... nothing, but sounds good!)

Original graphic concept with two Vallhallans crewmen of Chimera and another one that has become the Lucifer Black sniper. These two will become one Vox Operator and one Veteran with Grenade Launcher.

Building the Vox Operator and the Veteran with Grenade Launcher. Most of the pieces come from plastic sprue, shaped with a common cutter.
The Vox Operator backpack contains a metal Space Marine Scout backpack. The Veteran stands in guard position with his sabre.
Other Veteran has the sabre in the scabbard. Finally both Veterans show the sabre hilts, adorned with eagle skulls.

Green stuff work.

Lucifer Blacks painted. Ugly photos, but I promise you better ones when the Command Squad will be completed...


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