Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chimera to Leman Russ kit part 1

During Horus Heresy there were no Chimera tanks. In fact Imperial Militia have no ones in its armylist. It's a big problem if my old Tallarn Desert Raider are call to arm to defend Prospero...

So, can I trasform a Chimera into a Leman Russ?
May this conversion be reversible?
I have to try to build one kit...

3 mm and 1 mm PVC amd comparison between the two tanks. They are quite similar, if you look at them from above.
I need to raise each Chimera flank. First the project.
I cut the 3 mm forex. Now tanks' flanks look like more similar.
Track guards built with 1 mm PVC:
Pins to help joying PVC (glue is not working well...) and to look like to bolts.


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