Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catachan standard bearer renovated

Another quick renovation. This Catachan Veteran standard bearer of my Land Sharks has been converted in a hurry for a tournament, many years ago. He can be seen from different angles here. I was never convinced by the head and torso. The first is bad carved (without forehead and with a ridiculous hair crest), the second is hypertrophic and disproportionate to the arms (pieces from different kits).

Graphics helps me imaging Catachan standard bearer with the bandana and the left arm moved in a more natural position. The bandolier would serve to support the shoulder pate, and also gave him the air of a seven seas buccaneer... On the other hand this is one of the Land Sharks.

Renovation of the miniature, or second conversion... A bigger blade and a carving work on his back. I also filed down the pectorals too pumped. No bandolier at the end, but a leather cuff and a narrow shoulder plate hooked. All this is important because the right shoulder is a critical point: it has to be covered...

Painting completed. I saved the tattoo on his left shoulder. Red bandana and not white one like the whole Catachan platoon command... because before I was wrong, white bandana is wrong. All Catachans must have red bandana for their blood oath.

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