Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 1: starting the standard bearer

I start another hard conversion. Lucifer Blacks are one of the finest warrior of Imperial Army during Unification Wars. This regiment come from Ischian island of Terra, so they are linked to Italy. So they are my patriotic choice too.
I need a new Command Squad and Lucifer Blacks are the most required bodyguards during the Imperial Crusade. They are perfect.
They are described with:
- black velvet coats
- black Carapace Armour
- helms with black mask
- weapons: sabre and laspistol.
I have some Valhallian Ice Warriors (Chimera crew). They dress with long velvet coat and with a kind of helmet that's a bit similar to WW2 Italian Army helmet. The best candidates I have.

Lucifer Blacks have helms with black mask on the face. This is one problem. I like the helm that doesn't cover all the face, that shows or the eyes or the mouth. So I can (or I have to...) modify it in a second time. (Ork skull belongs to another secret conversion...)

Body conversion. That huge chain sword come from my 3rd edition Stormtrooper conversion. I need his two vambraces that can carry a standard. I've think to a hunting lance too..... I wanted to add other Carapace Armour plater, but there is no space. You can imagine that is under the coat. I build the downer part of the coat with plastic sprue pieces. Then I've carved them with cutter. Gun holster and scabbard help me covering some holes. The second gun holster belongs to another secret conversion.

I like the idea to self-made my standard with metal stripes from old sprue. There are a Bretonnian lance and a plate from old metal Sentinel with eagle.


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