Friday, November 7, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 3: standard bearer painted

Lucifer Black from Horus Heresy ready for war. Compared to the Catachan Sniper and Stormtrooper Sergeant he seems a little man...

Day one. I paint the standard with red and yellow-sand, to link it to Ancient Roman signa. I try the OSL effect from the the lanterns on the standard and I'm quite satisfied.

Day three. Standard completed. As you can see, Lucifer Black seems short but he's as high as old Perry Imperial Guard miniatures.
I have to find an anti shine matt varnish...

Day five: Lucifer Black completed? He's so dark and shiny that is very difficult making some good photos...
My Lucifer is black, he's a shadow under the Company Standard.
[Update 11/12/2014] Day ???: Lucifer Black renovated. He needs some new details on Company Standard. Blu patches with lightings are the link with Beret Stormtrooper (look at the first photo). The scabbard now is curved, because that must be a sabre scabbard. (I have to find a matt varnish...)


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