Friday, December 19, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 4: multilaser for Veterans

I take from the showcase four old Stormtrooper with the purpose to build one Veteran Sergeant, two Veterans with plasma guns and one with flamer. But after a while I realize that my assault force need heavy weapons. So I chose multilaser. It's original, the Astra Militarum version of Astartes assault cannon. It's a lighter version with four rotating barrels, taken from Sentinel.
I was inspired by the Solar Auxilia crewman with multilaser too. This one will be hand-carried by two Veterans.
Two riflemen with facial plastic.. because the saw has filed off half of their faces..
So here they are. I'm quite satisfied, I start painting them but...
... I don't like some things and It's not too late to take the cutter and the green stuff another time. I want this multilaser with both gunners stand up (the second will have both knees). The discarded Veteran soon becomes vox-operator. Then I take another old Beret Stormtrooper, I convert him heavily (change his legs with massive reconstruction) but I am still not convinced! Then I put in his hand a demolition charge and I take another Stormtrooper for the second try. This time, I like the result.
Then multilaser has some trouble. The bipod is useful at the end of the weapon, not in the center. I build two recoils that look like anti-aircraft machine gun of Pearl Arbour movie
Well, other seven Beret Stormtroopers are painted and combat ready! I consider them Veterans, so each squad counts ten men. Now I have ten and I'll make another ten.
Renovating these old miniatures is more difficult than I imagine, but conversion must go on...


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