Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tallarn Highlanders 5 with a special guest: Veteran with volleylasgun

Yeah, this one is not a Tallarn Desert Raider, he's a Grenadier with a big volleylasgun. He's the renovation of the officer in Firefight battle scene too, similar to Lucifer Blacks conversion (a variant without mask and gauntlets).

First two steps of the conversion: the two shotguns barrels become volleygun barrels. I give to Tallarn Sergeant a laspistol and I upgrade his sabre to a power sword:

A step back:
Before I have made a twin 2WW Bren indeed, a better choice for the officer with berret. But I changed idea and his head too, because I need it, and I carved another one from a Space Marine Scuot's nape.

Other pics of the renovated miniatures (referring to Tallarns, old colour schemes are reduced to two now...):


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