Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 4: firs two testing models ready

Here you are the first two Imperial Guard Stormtroopers conversions! Two brave testing models...

1: Stormtrooper ready to fire:
The best pose in my opinion and his face helps. He's ready to fire, with eyes wide open. If GW plans to make new Imperial Guard Stormtroopers must ispire itself by my conversion!

2: Stormtrooper with plasma gun. 
Left hand on plasma gun and not under it. Like to say: "Dear plasma gun..."
You can see that plasma gun is longer at the end, I've modified it. Before its lenght wasn't enough. 

Disposition of coloured grenades on the backpack
What are that cylinders on the stormtrooper backpack? Grenades, paratroopers stuff? I dont' know, but now they have a sense. Note the colour's disposition:
- blue red blue for trooper
- blue blue red for special weapon
(- red blue blue for Sergeant)


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