Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 5: other six troopers ready for war

Other six Imperial Guard Stormtroopers ready for war! Four of them require a big conversion and a lot of work, I didn't imagine before starting. The last two, with meltaguns, need only some colour adjustment.

Imperial Guard Stormtrooper throwing frag grenade and a basic one:
Stormtrooper throwing grenade was a possible Sergeant candidate, because of surveyor/auspex and other equipment. He needed just a sabre/sword in the right hand. How you can see the colour scheme of backpack grenades, he remains a trooper. I've reduced the lenght of right hand fingers and renewed his face.
I wanted other Stormtrooper to make firing, but it was not possible... because of two grenades restriction to hot-shot lasgun inclination.

Stormtroopers firing with plasmagun and hot-shot lasgun:
Two Imperial Guard Stormtroopers in firing position. Basic position, but necessary. They require a lot of green stuff work, for sculpting left arms.

Now only the Stormtrooper Sergeants remain....
Last two conversions, one of them (left) not so easy. Continue...



  1. Love your work! I have loved this blog for a long time and I really hope you keep going!

    1. Thanks!
      I've to finish this squad, and Chimera too. And there is the aircraft too..