Monday, April 1, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera 2: armoured skirts and track guards

After the turrett, I start working on the whole Stormtroopers' Chimera.

Test: I've turned up the armoured skirt. Now the new Chimera profile is better, more aggressive. Note that Chimera turret must be replaced in the original position, on the right of the hull.
Armoured skirts and track guards come from old Space Marine Rhino/Predator/Vindicator metal armoured ones.

Black primer on Chimera turret, here with Stormtroopers hotshot lasguns and plasmaguns.

Chimera crewman painted with the same colour scheme of Stormtroopers.

Starting with track guards, too, shaping plastic pieces as armour plates.

Right flank almost finished. Compare the two side of tank with track guards and armoured skirts replaced.

Turret compartment placed in the original position. Note the white glue to save green stuff.


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