Thursday, April 25, 2024

Legions Imperialis part 2: command squads and epic conversions

Task 1: all Solar Auxilia Command Squads troopers must wear black coats

Task 2: and they must be equipped with the legit weapons

For the first and the second Solar Auxilia Command Squads (blue and red flags, two Sub-Cohort HQs) I achieve the goal: volkite chargers for the Legate Commander's troopers, lasrifles for the Auxilia Tactical Command.

For Pioneer Company Command Squads (green flags, with axes because of Velatarii wargear) I have to compromise (I don't have enough miniatures)

One Tactical Commander is a modified Legate Commander (or Lord Marshal), with four else I get the staff troopers. Lasrifles on their side, tank crew men to modify two of them. Centurion crests for all the officers. Lens at the tip of the telescopes.

I declare war to undercuts 

I work on the already painted Velatarii miniatures.

Two Tercios almost completed

Before Legate Commander base had two flags, now each detachments has a colour: blue and red for Sub-Cohorts, green and teal green for Pioneer Companies. Colours on shoulders too.