Monday, April 27, 2015

Beret Stormtrooper commander, part 1

My assault Company needs a Commander. He must wear beret like Veterans and carapace armour too, like Stormtroopers. These links (and many other, smaller) make him very similar to Tempestor (Prime).

Starting my selfmade commander. You can see two old Space Marine Scouts and an older Bretonnian Quest Knight armour (!). Head belogns to the Scout, while the beret is a Valhallan helmet shaped with my cutter. Note the selfmade combi-hellgun with grenade launcher and the tactical screen on his left vambrace.

Before there was another option: to renovate an old conversion (look at Firefight battlescene). He could be coherent with Lucifer Blacks (black coat), but the beret would not be enough to be similar to Beret Stormtroopers miniatures.
Solar Macharius was the second option, but... I can put my hands on this conversion! Or maybe... in the grim future...

Building the backpack, as similar as possible to the original one. However, this one contains the Cogitator (computer) linked to screen on vambrace (note the cable). So it's more elaborate. One autopistol in the holster complete the wargear. 

Hellgun supply cables come from beret stormtrooper Sergeant (see one post before). The patch with the lighting is another link to beret stormtroopers. Instead straps on legs and armour details are links to 3rd edition stormtroopers.
Note the grenades for the combi-hellgun on his right leg.

Now I must model some other detail with green stuff, but wait: there are other two Lucifer Black to complete...