Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Shadow wars project, part 4: Mkoll and Rawne

After more than two years, I've completed these two selfmade Ghosts of Tanith: Scout Sergeant Mkoll and Major Rawne. With the Phantine Paratrooper they are the core of my Shadow Wars Armageddon team.
Then I find out that Major Rawne has a sharpened face and my officer hasn't (anyway, this Missionary head is the one I prefer). I also realize that Rawne miniature already exists, he's the Tanith Ghost with Plasmagun because of his starburst tattoo on the right eye... Well, may my conversion represent Gol Kolea? No, because he's not from Tanith and so he has no tattoos.
(Like) Rawne, he carries an explosive charge.
Mkoll looks better, he has short hair (the only thing I know from the Gaunt Ghosts books), Auspex and a comlink microphone.
Before painting: