Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tallarn Highlanders, part 2: first two painted!

Firts two Tallarn Highlanders are ready for war. Note the comparison between the two lieutenants and the two troopers. Just 1 mm higher than original ones. I'm quite satisfied.

Different height because of selfmade bases, from GW colour tops...

I add more details and plaster some critical points with green stuff:
Lieutenant sword helps keeps together right arm, torso and right leg; otherwise, these two miniatures are very breakable.

Tallarn Highlanders are finally painted, so I can judge this simple colour scheme. Note Saint Andrew flag and the tartan belt...

Update: Lieutenant has a bandolier and something still missing to his lasgun, so I add to its support a small grenade launcher. I love this type of gun (two other miniatures have it: a grenadier and the Assault Group commander).