Monday, March 7, 2011

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 12

You can see some green stuff is more yellow than normal. I hope it becomes hard...

Three missile launchers are placed under each wing.
Right wing. There is one frag missile, the other two are unloaded.

Left wing. There is also a crack missile, it's from a hunter missile form the old Imperial Guard tanks. I've shortened it with the cutter.

An aggresive pic of the fullarmed Erithacus aircraft.

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 11

New pics on the work in progress: the sculpture of the internal part of the wings and the renewal of the missile launchers.
Original missile launchers: 

I cut off the excess green stuff with the cutter.

I use this curved screwdriver to model the green stuff. It's very good to smooth the surface.

The original missile launchers (Imperial Guard plastic mortars) with the components I add to them, small plastic cylinders, to increase the total lenght. Otherwise these weapons are too short with the new bigger wings.

To get the frag missile head I use the tips of this scenic ( I don't remember the box's name it comes from, there is an imperial pilot, space marines and tyranids...). I incise them with the cutter, to get the surface of a frag grenade.

Erithacus aricraft costruction continues in the next page...