Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Legions Imperialis part 1: Solar Auxilia Legate Commander

Legions Imperialis deserves my hobby efforts. I've always wished Epic scale miniatures, I've always wished to deploy squadrons of tanks, squadrons of Sentinels, superheavy tanks, squadrons of Arvus...! Solar Auxilia is my first choice alongside Knights Questoris, they look  great together. Solar Auxilia indeed looks like Mechanicus infantry that could support Knights and Titans.

I don't appreciate just three details: Ogryns-cyborg (they are more suitable for Mechanicus indeed), bases too short (I can't handle them) and tanks without bases (so they look smaller compared to infantry).

So tanks must be placed on a base to become higher. (Why in Legion Imperialis infantry needs bases and tank doesn't?) 40mm round base looks great for Leman Russ, but Malcador and Baneblade need bigger oval bases, quite expensive, then I make by myself the bases recycling the old plastic sprues.

Another detail I don't like so much is the Leman Russ battle cannon barrel. It could be a good idea to replace it with Maldador's Demolisher cannon, or to shorten the Vanquisher barrel. There are plenty of weapon options, I have to find some way to not waste them!

Painting the infantry on the sprue is clever, never done before by me, but it's necessary with the epic scale of Legions Imperialis.

Small conversions: centurion crests for the Lord Marshal and other officers.
Free-hand for banner, decals are not my cup of tea...

Mine Solar Auxilia troopers are golden as Braganza besiegers. They still need some work.