Monday, December 13, 2021

A lot of Dwarfs, part 1

This Dwarf Lord is my tribute to the epic Adrian Smith's artwork.
My original plan was to gather a Mordheim band, but now I can deploy a little Warhammer Fantasy army to garrison a keep in the Underway. It's fault of Warhammer Total War of course and the Kraka Drak mod, much more than Warhammer The Old World announcement.

Sixth edition plastic Dwarfs let me set up four type of regiments: 1) Rangers with fur coat, horned helms and light chainmail 2) Quarellers with jerkin and light chainmail 3) Warriors with Great Weapon with chainmail and Viking helm 4) Warriors with chainmail.

The Regiments: Rangers and Great Weapon Warriors from Kraka Drak, Quarellers and Warriors from Karak Izor (could the Underway connect two so distant Karaks?)
With seventh edition Dwarfs I've built two small regiments of Miners and Longbeards:
Lord, Thanes and a Slayer from a Fyreslayer (for this reason is very big compared to other dwarfs):
I've always wished the Hammerers in my ranks, so the Skull Pass Dwarf Lord has a big Hammer like the old metal Hammerers miniatures.