Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanith Ghosts command squad and troopers and Ratling Snipers modified

Tanith Ghosts: Colm Corbec and Ibram Guant. I add to Colonel  plastic knee-pads.

Command Squad with other Tanith Ghosts characters.

Tanith Ghosts Infantry, some easy conversions
24 Tanith Ghosts troopers. Two of them have plastic flamer from Catachan infantry squad.

In the centre you can see Tanith Ghost Lieutenant conversion, with Space Wolf Scout head and shoulder and knee pads.

Farewell Ghosts.... have good wars across the galaxy..

Ratling Snipers: they have sculpted helmets and shoulder plates with green stuff, so each sniper is different to ohers. There are also two self-made lascannon.

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