Friday, May 25, 2018

Tallarn tanks 1: armoured Griffon heavy mortar

I get in love with Forge World Griffon, then I try to do something similar with mine one. You can see the self-made armour and the comaparison.
Yes, desert camouflage could be much better, but I must be coherent to Tallarn Highlanders colour scheme.
This tank is called Brumbar because it remembers me the WW2 German Siege Tank.

Some pics of the Griffon conversion:
Crew comes from Basilisk. Details of the tank heavy conversion:

Griffon heavy mortar painted:
The crew and the profile, like Imperial Armour pics.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Epic scale Contemptor

This is my loyalist World Eater Contemptor. In 6 mm scale, Epic scale, obiouvsly!
I've carved the miniature in the wax, because this stuff is soft (too much soft...) and then a friend of mine cast it in resin, so I can paint it. The cast is not really good, I've to rebuild the shoulder pad and fill in some othe bubbles (look at the following pictures)...

Sadly, the vax Contemptor has been destroyed during the cast, anyway I paint the copy and I'm satisfied. Now I would add a World Eaters icon... I would!
Its pose is too static and maybe it's too high for 6 mm scale Marine, it can be ok for the new Adeptus Titanicus (8 mm scale) miniatures.

Finally, a pair of pictures of my first Epic match. Astartes vs Astartes.