Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tallarn Highlanders, part 2: first two painted!

Firts two Tallarn Highlanders are ready for war. Note the comparison between the two lieutenants and the two troopers. Just 1 mm higher than original ones. I'm quite satisfied.

Different height because of selfmade bases, from GW colour tops...

I add more details and plaster some critical points with green stuff:
Lieutenant sword helps keeps together right arm, torso and right leg; otherwise, these two miniatures are very breakable.

Tallarn Highlanders are finally painted, so I can judge this simple colour scheme. Note Saint Andrew flag and the tartan belt...

Update: Lieutenant has a bandolier and something still missing to his lasgun, so I add to its support a small grenade launcher. I love this type of gun (two other miniatures have it: a grenadier and the Assault Group commander).


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tallarn Highlanders, part 1: two made by my own

My Tallarn force is quite a mess: there are four colour schemes (1 2 3 4) and most of them don't have a desert camouflage. I've sold someone else and now two Tallarn Desert Raiders are still missing to complete each squad: one lieutenant and one trooper.
So I have to make them carving pieces of metal. Meanwhile I fix other two, removing the demolition charges.

I let the following pics speak by themselves:
The trooper come from a old mutilated trooper. The lieutenant has Al'rahem's right arm, a rough rider's torso and a lieutenant right leg...

Foots are really hard to carve.


Chimera to Leman Russ kit part 2

I need a link between trackguards and Chimera flanks. The first option is carving the wheels' linchpins, but its too difficult with this material. Second option is cutting the plastrons, one for wheel.

Then I have to join the two trackguards. It's not easy, maybe I have to made central hull before trackguards...

Rivets help to improve the aspect.
Heavyflamer shelter (right term?) improve to look like more similar to Leman Russ, too.
Lights help to strengthen to whole tank chassis.
Now it's the turn of turret...


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chimera to Leman Russ kit part 1

During Horus Heresy there were no Chimera tanks. In fact Imperial Militia have no ones in its armylist. It's a big problem if my old Tallarn Desert Raider are called to arms to defend Prospero...

So, can I trasform a Chimera into a Leman Russ?
May this conversion be reversible?
I have to try to build one kit...

3 mm and 1 mm PVC amd comparison between the two tanks. They are quite similar, if you look at them from above.
I need to raise each Chimera flank. First the project.
I cut the 3 mm forex. Now tanks' flanks look like more similar.
Track guards built with 1 mm PVC:
Pins to help joying PVC (glue is not working well...) and to look like to bolts.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Restoring old commissar with a big chainsword

After I've sold my Praetorian Guards (I know, I've could restore them to set up a Spireguard force, with Tallarn Desert Raiders to defend Prospero, but it would be a lot of work...), the Imperial Commissar has been left alone.
This is the opportunity to give to him a sword, like the original miniature.
Original miniature has a sabre, but I don't have it no more. I have just this Eviscerator and maybe it's quite too big for the Commissar, who has only one hand free to brandish it. After all, I think it's a good conversion. I like chainsword hilt, made by plastic pieces and a winged skull from a Cadian canteen.
I have use no green stuff, I'm satisfied about this, too.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hero Quest Barbarian Mission 1: replacing Catachan Lieutenant head

I want to repair my old Hero Quest Barbarian and so I'm searching the right head (original one is missing...). One of my Catachan Lieutenants (or Junior Officer) has a nice bear and an inspired face... but I have no other heads for replacement. Then I selfmade one, putting together two napes and carve the metal one, sculpting the face with green stuff. 

I replace the knife with a bolt pistol, improving the chain sword too.

Here the Catachan Lieutenant painted:
I'm satisfied. Maybe the head with bear is not the best for Hero Quest Barbarian (I don't like that hair in the wind), but the Lieutenant new lookint is more appropriate.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Carving 6 mm miniatures

Ok, it's a mad idea carving miniatures so small, but I try and the result is not so bad. Special thanks to GW plastic, very soft.

First try.
If Imperial Guards are 6 mm tall, Space Marines must be 7 mm tall I think.

Then I changing measure: 5mm for Imperial Guard and 6 mm for Space Marine. Look at the comparison. Chainsword of the Sergeant is a nightmare to carve...

New Space Marine, with a more dynamic pose.