Saturday, October 28, 2017

Shadow War project, part 1: Tanith Ghosts selfmade

Tanith Ghosts are the perfect Imperial Guard Astra Militarum èlite to play with in Shadow Wars. I mean, they are recons, this is their job. Each one has his own character, each one is a caracther of Dan Abnett novels.
Sadly I've sold all my thirty troopers and the six men of the Command squad are not enough. I've to make two (or maybe three) other Tanith Ghosts: Mayor Rawne and Scout Sergeant Mkoll.
On the left Mkoll, with short hair and beard. He's ok (is the beard too long?). On the right Rawne. His face is enough angry, I hope.

Camocloaks help the weak selfmade miniatures to keep their integrity.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Nork Deddog conversion&renovation

Nork Deddog is one of the last survivors of my old battle scene. He has been reassigned to Land Sharks Catachan Force. The choise is quite simple, because of his jungle suit; and because his very big arms, of course.
Note that this one is the old metal version of Nork Deddog, the original one.
The best one. 

I have to break Nork Deddog in pieces, then I've to find a good new pose. Hands and arms force me to chose this one. Thumb up is quite funny and represents to the best the Ogryn goodness.
During the painting I improve furthermore Nork's thumb and Ripper Gun handle.
He misses a red bandana, but he's not a real Catachan, so...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Catachan Land Sharks 2: updating Mechanized Squad

After replacing Lieutenant's head, I tought that would be a good idea renovating my Catachan Battalions. It's a mad idea too.
Now I start the renovation with the Mechanized Squad, my first plastic Cathachan miniatures I've painted. I was in the Army, then I equiped them with Cadian helmets (I can assure you that you cannot stay alive into a VCC carrier without a helmet...).

So, the follow is the comparison between the starting miniatures and the conversions:
Helmets were too Cadian, then I've carved them. Heavy Bolter's (selfmade) munitions come from electric wire. I've restored the flamer and self-made a compact Vox.

Mechanized Squadr painted:
You can see red Catachan bandana around their neck, because of the helmets, of course!