Thursday, February 20, 2020

Squires for the Shield Captain, part 1

I don't love Astra Militarum Scions as much as I love Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, but I need two Squires for my Custodes Shield Captain. I don't love Scions for the new lore (they are lobotomized) and for the armour, better for fantasy conversions but that's fine with Custodes' armour. They look like small Custodes.

First try:

Mine are more Squires than Armoury Thralls (I've found a picture of one on the Custodes codex, spider legs for high mobility, reinforced arms and... wings!). I've modified the guardian spear, too, I dislike the original one. Two Servo-skulls must carry the sentinel blade, another weapon I deeply dislike... 




Second try:


I love the pose of the Squire with the sentinel blade, less the other one that has to carry the heavy storm shield. Maybe the Servo-skulls may help him? I've improved the Scion officer coats, to look like more cloaks.

Squires for the Shield Captain - part 2

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mordheim project, part 5: Leopold's Leopards face a Chaos Warrior

Perilous encounter in Mordheim. A Tilean band face a brass-armoured Chaos Warrior:
His name is Raoul, I was inspired by the famous one... The helms and the faces are pretty the same.
On the wake of Warhammer The Old World announcement, I purchase one of these marching warriors (more iconic than the Stormcasts I think), giving to him some humanity. Maybe he comes from those regions of Norsca that don't succumb entirely to Chaos powers.

In addition I do another conversion to the third Leopold's Leopard pikeman (a coat on his back) and I renovate some details of Leopold with green stuff, too.

This Leopold's Leopard pikeman is a tiny man, the comparison with the Chaos Warrior is eloquent.

I think in Mordheim Raoul Chaos Warrior may be played as a big Gladiator.