Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Mordheim project, part 6: More feline furs

As the title suggests, More feline furs, I really have a predilection for warriors in fur.

After I don't know how many eons I finished the painting of Ulfhdhnar the Destroyer (restoration& conversion) (I believe this old Citadel Fighter is the best Chaos Warrior, he is an improved Heroquest Chaos Warrior):

In practice he had been lying in the drawer for months, almost painted, but on two occasions I added a dagger to his waist, improved the leather protections, dented the edge of the shield and now I can feel satisfied.

Does the saber-toothed tiger have a spotted / brindle coat? I asked myself, so I investigated and the Smilodons depicted are all artistic licenses, so I avoided complicating my life further. With the brush I tried to paint a semblance of eyes, nose and mouth in the slit of the helmet (I try to give humanity to my Chaos Warriors, they are not conventional). 

While I was there, I did some upgrades to the Bretonnian Questing Knight: the frills of the helmet, the frills of the sword, but above all the shield (I applied the Quenelles unicorn) and the battle axe below (I improve it, as far as you can see).

Returning to the topic of the felines, I wanted to arm one of the Leopold's Leopards with a broadsword to be a "double-pay man" that engages the pikes of the opposing phalanx:

The origins of the broadsword are mysterious, someone murmurs Nehekhara, the fact is that the Tilean Swordsmiths installed in the blade an adjustable counterweight, in the shape of a leopard's muzzle, to adjust the balance. This Leopard has muscular arms free from the armour. 

 Pictures of the unpainted miniatures: