Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 6: Sergeant and last four Veterans

Last five Beret Stormtrooper completed! All twenty ready for war, deployed in two Veteran Squads:

Starting miniatures:
These Veterans need frag and crack grenades, they are Stormtroopers! (If you look at previous posts, other two Veterans have selfmade red crack grenades.)

I have some trouble for Veteran Sergeant conversion. I loved original miniature, but he had three weapons! So I had to cut off his laspistol, years ago, replacing it with a strange melta bomb... Now photoshop helps me finding the right configuration. Anyway, none of these is the right one. (I'm quite sorry to modify this miniature, but I have to say that this latex uniform is not so military...)

Conversion and green stuff:
I cut frag grenades to duplicate them and I adjust two Vetarans height. Veteran Sergeant need a bit difficult conversion with green stuff work to rebuild his leg and a frag grenade in his right hand.

Painting complete:
Two Veteran squads completed. Now I have to complete Command Squad...