Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Indomitus, Pre-heresy Deathguard Terminator (update: new pics)

Can a mighty Nightlord Terminator go back in the past, turn loyalist and become a pre-heresy Deathguard? Yes, he can:

At the beginning this miniature had to become an Adeptus Titanicus Knight, then a truescale Crimson Fist, but I've always wished a Horus Heresy Deathguard in my collection.  
So, here you are my new conversion/renovation:

Tallarn Highlanders refer to him as Indomitus (they misunderstand his armour's name):

Before the paint:
One of the initial plans:

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Regimental HQ part 2: Imperial Guard Chaplain

To complete the miracle From one miniatures I get two ones, here you are the Chaplain of the Imperial Guard! I'm not sure what in the name of the Emperor he is... He can not be an Astropath (no third eye), he can not be a Techpriest (no mechanical limbs), he can not be a Priest (no Eviscerator), so he can be an Imperial Missionary, to replace the one I've sold many years ago.

Solar Macharius' weapon, Steel Legion Officer's body and Rough Rider's right arm. I don't like his hood, maybe one day I could remove it.

The skull remember me the Chaplain one, but a friend of mine say that it looks like a feral mask. Better, Darth Maul mask!

Pics of the work in progress:

So I can deploy him as Horus Heresy Rouge Psyker, to defend Prospero with Tallarn Highlanders.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sentinel Facocerus, part 3

Finally, I've darkened Sentinel Facocerus, so it's dark as Stormtrooper's Chimera of Assault Group Dedizione.
Base gets red too (I have to wash with red all Stormtroopers' bases):

Facocerus means warthdog, so I change the original piranha with this funny cow warthdog:

Before the Facocerus, Stormtrooper's armoured Chimera needed a surname and it got one: Neropardus. I love Neropardus, because it sounds similar to Nero Vipus, of course.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Facocerus, metal Sentinel restyle

Recovery and restyle. Old metal Sentinel is far from to be a good model, so I change its look. I love these new pop up lights, they look like eyes and the two multilasers look like warthog fangs. Facocerus is an approssimative translation of warthog and it's a new add-on to the Assault Group Dedizione.

Some pics of the painted armoured Sentinel:
Pilot of this open-topped walker has got down the armoured windshield to improve his visibility:
My Facocerus Sentinel has become too much green, too light, and maybe It has to get darker. The base is not yet completed.

Some pics of the work in progress:
I had to self-made half of the left foot with dry green stuff...

A group-photo with Stormtroopers and Lucifer Blacks (the Imperial Eagle on the Standard comes from this Sentinel...!):
If you compare Chimera and Sentinel, you can note that colour scheme of second one is lighter... Do I have to repaint it?


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Shadow war project, part 2: Imperial Guard Paratrooper

My new Para(storm)trooper ispired by these artworks: the first on 3rd edition Imperial Guard codex, the second found on the web (I think it's from 5th edition codex), respectively for the torso and for the legs.
Because I need one more Stormtrooper for my Tanith Ghosts Shadow Wars squad, so I must realize one very special. With a grav chute on his back.

A Paratrooper is the non plus ultra of the Imperial Guard and this one can be a Phantine Skyborne of Gaunt Ghosts' novels.

Miracle: from a single miniature I get two ones! Let's start from the beginning: I have an hot-shot lasgun, a Steel Legion officer conversion and two Snowspider cannons that are very good to represent a grav chute or a jump pack.

I realize a Stormtrooper well equipped and well armed (hot-shot lasgun, pistol, combat knife, frag grenades and a crack grenade). To drive the grav chute/jump pack there is a handle bar. A mask with respirator and visor lays on the chest armour.

The Stormtrooper before painting: a mess of small pieces...


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Upgrading Soldier Termite assault craft 3: its last renovation...?

The mouse wheels miracle. They are perfect as landing gears form my Soldier Termite assault aircraft:

Soldier Termite is as fusion of a Starwars Snowspider, a Marder battletank and a Ah64 Longbow Apache, with some GW plastic detail.

Drills come from a pen...!

Grenadiers disembark from Soldier Termite:

Here you are my true goal: to get the old metal Sentinel pieces, to rebuild it!


Friday, May 25, 2018

Tallarn tanks 1: armoured Griffon heavy mortar

I get in love with Forge World Griffon, then I try to do something similar with mine one. You can see the self-made armour and the comaparison.
Yes, desert camouflage could be much better, but I must be coherent to Tallarn Highlanders colour scheme.
This tank is called Brumbar because it remembers me the WW2 German Siege Tank.

Some pics of the Griffon conversion:
Crew comes from Basilisk. Details of the tank heavy conversion:

Griffon heavy mortar painted:
The crew and the profile, like Imperial Armour pics.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Epic scale Contemptor

This is my loyalist World Eater Contemptor. In 6 mm scale, Epic scale, obiouvsly!
I've carved the miniature in the wax, because this stuff is soft (too much soft...) and then a friend of mine cast it in resin, so I can paint it. The cast is not really good, I've to rebuild the shoulder pad and fill in some othe bubbles (look at the following pictures)...

Sadly, the vax Contemptor has been destroyed during the cast, anyway I paint the copy and I'm satisfied. Now I would add a World Eaters icon... I would!
Its pose is too static and maybe it's too high for 6 mm scale Marine, it can be ok for the new Adeptus Titanicus (8 mm scale) miniatures.

Finally, a pair of pictures of my first Epic match. Astartes vs Astartes.


Friday, April 27, 2018

Catachan Land Sharks 3: tank commander and Sentinel pilots

The Squali Terrae Junior Officer becomes a Leman Russ tank commander. It's a promotion.
It's an old conversion, I made it many months ago, after a hernia operation. I could not sit withound feel pain, so I was always standing when I worked.

Now I've restored the Catachan Sentinels' pilots. The password is make uniform, so all must have bare arms, red bandanas and the same jacket of the tank commander's one.


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lightning Fighter Selfmade 1: from a Tornado IDS model

I have a theory... Forge World sculptors create the Lightning Fighter from a Tornado model! The proportions are the same. Now I've to demostrate my theory building the same aircraft from the same model.
Airport diorama with an old pilot and Cadians

Two 1:72 Tornado models:

I notice two things:
  1. the scale of the starting models is not the correct one, my Lightning will be smaller
  2. the Lightning nose (headlights?) is the same of the Tornado rear!

Skid landings from ejection seats:
Two engines from a felt tip pen. Nose enlarged with two Tornado wing tanks.

Long barrel autocannon and some upgrade to engines, wings, skid landings...
Apache propellers can become wing flaps...