Saturday, June 25, 2016

Restoring old commissar with a big chainsword

After I've sold my Praetorian Guards (I know, I've could restore them to set up a Spireguard force, with Tallarn Desert Raiders to defend Prospero, but it would be a lot of work...), the Imperial Commissar has been left alone.
This is the opportunity to give to him a sword, like the original miniature.
Original miniature has a sabre, but I don't have it no more. I have just this Eviscerator and maybe it's quite too big for the Commissar, who has only one hand free to brandish it. After all, I think it's a good conversion. I like chainsword hilt, made by plastic pieces and a winged skull from a Cadian canteen.
I have use no green stuff, I'm satisfied about this, too.