Monday, December 13, 2021

A lot of Dwarfs, part 1

This Dwarf Lord is my tribute to the epic Adrian Smith's artwork.
My original plan was to gather a Mordheim band, but now I can deploy a little Warhammer Fantasy army to garrison a keep in the Underway. It's fault of Warhammer Total War of course and the Kraka Drak mod, much more than Warhammer The Old World announcement.

Sixth edition plastic Dwarfs let me set up four type of regiments: 1) Rangers with fur coat, horned helms and light chainmail 2) Quarellers with jerkin and light chainmail 3) Warriors with Great Weapon with chainmail and Viking helm 4) Warriors with chainmail.

The Regiments: Rangers and Great Weapon Warriors from Kraka Drak, Quarellers and Warriors from Karak Izor (could the Underway connect two so distant Karaks?)
With seventh edition Dwarfs I've built two small regiments of Miners and Longbeards:
Lord, Thanes and a Slayer from a Fyreslayer (for this reason is very big compared to other dwarfs):
I've always wished the Hammerers in my ranks, so the Skull Pass Dwarf Lord has a big Hammer like the old metal Hammerers miniatures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Squires for the Shield Captain, part 2

The Shield Captain retinue becomes bigger, I split the Squires in Armoury Thralls and Terran elìte Troopers:

Custodes' weapons are too heavy for common humans, I need Armoury Thralls with arms aided by exoskeleton armour, cables to supply power and so on.

Servo-skulls become helmets and I carved the Troopers faces in the dry resin:

Terran troopers need weapons, so I build first a shot-grenade launcher, then a storm-autogun with grenade launcher (I will add a small chain sword, they must be armed to the teeth):

 part 1 - Squires for the Shield Captain - part 3

Thursday, March 25, 2021

HeroQuest Barbarian Mission 5: Sir Ragnar and Ulag

I come back into the Heroquest dungeons to complete Sir Ragnar, Ulag and an old Goblin Archer miniature. I've been there a few months, as usual I enjoy starting conversions, but it takes a lot of time to complete and paint them.

It is no coincidence that the first hero Iive completed is Sir Ragnar, in that one quest he has to make his way, unarmed and battered, in the midst of a horde of orcs and he has to get out alive.
(Yes, well, with the escort of the four Heroes, but some Goblins always give him a couple of stabs). 

He wears the chain mail to justify the defensive die, his arms cling to the stick with all their remaining strength to stand up (the stick incorporates a nail that holds the miniature, the plastic glue does not grip). The starting point of the conversion is the HeroQuest zombie (his head hangs from Ulag's waist), which gives it a worn look:

(For once I immortalize the trusty old blunt Citadel brush that I have been using for quite a while, it's not the best, but I make it enough. I don't want to justify the not excellent painting, let's say I like to get something from despite the limitation.

With Ulag I've worked on the StarQuest Space Ork, which is pretty hideous (so I went heavy with the conversion) but burly enough to represent the size of the Warboss. And then I try to use miniatures from those years (see the Citadel PBS3 goblin archer from Fantasy Regiments box). The half moons on the scimitar blade are nothing but tin drops that inspired me and worked on. 

Photos of the pre-painting work in progress:

This post want to be a tribute to The rescue of Sir Ragnar, the best quest I've ever played, and a tribute to the old Citadel Heroquest miniatures, Hasbro ones suck.

I've straightened up the Fimir's battle axe:

Meanwhile, the Barbarian resin base has become ready from a mold of white glue. It's much better than Ulag's one: