Monday, July 21, 2014

Tutorial: painting Imperial Guard skin

Many blog readers ask to me how do I paint the skin tone, because it seems so soft. I can share my technique painting three Beret Stormtroopers conversions.
I use non-GW colours, but it's not difficult to understand the corresponding GW ones. Colours diluted!
Here the tutorial.
I start with a black wash to cover all the difficult point of miniatures. Note that this is the only wash I use...
Then a layer with a brown that tends to red (can I define it bestial brown?)
The same brown blended with "dwarf flesh" to paint another layer, avoiding deepest recesses (between fingers, mouth...).

Once again black to refine eyes and edges.
Now the highlights. I repeat: diluted colurs!!
First "dwarf flesh" and then "dwarf flesh" blended with "elf flesh".

So the skin tone I use is very easy: a sequence of highlights with diluted colours. If we do a mistake we can correct it with the previous diluted colour.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pics from the front 1: starring stormtroopers

Old stormtroopers pride. Now my 3rd edition Stormtrooper conversions are ready, and armoured Chimera too, so I can take some nice photos.
Compare these miniature with the new Scions... I prefer these ones. They are smaller, more compact, they have a more modern concept (aka the super soldier).

Stortroopers desembark from Soldier Termite aircraft. This photo is the best I've, but the armoured air-carrier isn't still upgraded.

In the following photos, Soldier Termite is upgraded, but ppics are worse...
The ruins are modular, plaster cast.