Monday, March 31, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 1: selfmade beret stormtrooper

Scions miniatures cause a little disillusion in myself. I hope they were much better, but so they are the right incentive to build and customize a personal Beret Stormtrooper. A selfmade miniature. This is merely a part of a bigger project: make two entire squads of old original Stormtroopers with berets. Many miniatures are ready, some need conversion and one I have to build with my hands. This one.

Building miniature from scratch
Starting miniature is a old metal Demolisher crewman (ruined) and much smaller pieces. My Beret Stormtrooper will be equipped with a meltagun an he wil be on bended knee (it's the ideal position if you ambush a tank).
I carve the metal around his head with my faithful cutter (this operation requires much attention).

After putting together three pieces of metal legs and the body, I can compare my trooper with an other conversion to value the right body height and proportion.
Note the tiny double eagle on his beret. I cut it from a metal lasgun.

His weapon covers well damages of the miniature, as those in his face, helping me in the sculpture with green stuff.