Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Shadow war project, part 2: Imperial Guard Paratrooper

My new Para(storm)trooper ispired by these artworks: the first on 3rd edition Imperial Guard codex, the second found on the web (I think it's from 5th edition codex), respectively for the torso and for the legs.
Because I need one more Stormtrooper for my Tanith Ghosts Shadow Wars squad, so I must realize one very special. With a grav chute on his back.

A Paratrooper is the non plus ultra of the Imperial Guard and this one can be a Phantine Skyborne of Gaunt Ghosts' novels.

Miracle: from a single miniature I get two ones! Let's start from the beginning: I have an hot-shot lasgun, a Steel Legion officer conversion and two Snowspider cannons that are very good to represent a grav chute or a jump pack.

I realize a Stormtrooper well equipped and well armed (hot-shot lasgun, pistol, combat knife, frag grenades and a crack grenade). To drive the grav chute/jump pack there is a handle bar. A mask with respirator and visor lays on the chest armour.

The Stormtrooper before painting: a mess of small pieces...