Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 2: selfmade beret stormtrooper

My Beret Stormtrooper build from scratch goes on. It's time to build his meltagun. Self-made, there is a shot-gun (and left hand) from an old metal Space Marine Scout, a Cadian plastic arm and so on.  
On the base weo epaulette and one heel of left boot ready to add.

Carving bolt patch on his shoulder with the cutter, from a plastic sprue. This operation need much patience.
I will attach a number 2 on the second patch.

Building complete. With plastic scratch I make epaulette, left shoulder, a pair of ammunition cases, the pocket on his right leg and his right knee too. The canteen and the backpack are very useful to cover damages on the miniature:

Finally, green stuff work completed.
Note the new (green) nose. A drop of white clue to increase the beret edge.
Now I have to think about the colour scheme. Meanwhile, I can go on with other two beret stormtroopers...