Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 6: Veteran Sergeants completed

The last two conversion for my Imperial Guard Stormtroopers squad: the Veteran Sergeants. Painting them in these warm months is difficult: colour get dry too fast....

Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant with sword and scabbard:
Before each Sergeant have a golden skull on the chest plate. I remove it and put on the scabbard/holster.
Note the colour scheme of backpack grenades too: they had red-blue-blue.
Hot-shot lasgun helps to balance the model. I remove his close fist: I need it for the next Stormtrooper Sergeant...

Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant with close fist:
He's my favourite one, ordering Halt! to his squad. But I have a trouble: without that big Eviscerator he doesn't look like a Sergeant, indeed he becomes a common Stormtrooper. So I add a special grenade near the frag one. Then I change the place of the pistol, sculpting a new holster, now is more visible (and more accessible and realistic). Before it was behind the right shoulder. I've replaced the Load-Carrying Equipment, trying to follow the movement of the Sergeant pose: down-left to up-right.
I've sculpt almost half of his body with green stuff, now he's like Colonel Straken!

Stormtrooper Gamma squad(s) completed:
Gamma! Gamma! Gamma!
Two Stormtroopers squad together: Gamma Two fighting and behind Gamma One more relaxed. Each squad has a meltagun and a plasmagun.

[Update 05/02/2015] New pics for 3rd edition Stormtroopers:

Mission accomplished...
Two conversions in sequence, you can compare them in this link.
It has been a very hard work, I know. But my Stormtroopers need this and other!