Sunday, January 30, 2011

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 10

I have to resize the soldier placed on the foothold...

I file the Cadian helmet (like a paratrooper's?) and I add a knee pad with green stuff.
 Here is mounted in his place.
 He keeps hold with his hand.

The model is very heavy and it need a joint. I putt together four segments of an iron paper clip, like a cross. This pivot enter in the plastic of the aircraft.

Erithacus aircraft mounted on the base, aimed low.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing DOW with Steel Legion

Battle Report: Steel Legion VS Orks. 3 VS 3.
Some years ago I play a cooperative map of Dawn of Steel, the best mod of Dawn of War Winter Assault. Two friends as allies and difficulty insane.
In the start Orks wildy attack my base. I'm outnumbered and my main force are too distant, raiding Ork's base. Ork force destroys a lot of vital buildings, before going away. I'm without workers for the rest of the match and I must defending the few turret-barracks that remain. Above, you can see my first and last Lieutenant giving his life in the desperate defense.
Ork invasion is stopped by the heavy fire of my allies, that're defending a tight pass.
First personal counterattack along the border of the map, a bloody trench in the wetland, deploying the Stormtroopers (the radar's survived). This first attempt of revenge poorly fails. In the second pic the infantry's retreating, under the cover of élite squads.
Allies attack the nearest Ork base, defeating it while I'm holding the centre with tanks against superior force (look at the minimap).
My tanks in the middle and the victorious allies penetrate in the rest of hostile territory with support of additional forces deploiyng from the sky. In the first pic the spectacular landing of one hundred Stormtroopers. The siege is very hard, the defenders are too many and too strong. Every building and turret has a lethal defensive fire.
Next moment is critical. We are surrounded in enemy bases. Entire contingent is slaughtered by Ork fire, except my tanks that turn and attack other base, defenseless, destroying it.
The battle turns in our favour, because of the Stormblade too, obviously. Finally the combined offensive (allies dropping by the sky, my tanks from destroyed base and my infantry's advancing from the border of the map) is decisive.
We win. The table with the result and the battlefield, full of corpse. A very good and difficult match, one hour long, to be remembered.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 9

I continue with this foothold/helicopter skid/rollbar...
 ...useful to mount and desembark from assult craft.
In this pic there is not yet the green stuff.
 I sculpt the armour plates in the rear with green stuff.

 The foothold is from internals of Imperial Guard Chimera.