Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tallarn Highlanders 11: infantry completed!

Finally I complete Tallarn Highlanders Infantry Company:
71 Desert Raiders. 71 is a magic number: I can deploy a detachment of Astra Militarum for Warhammer 40k and a Imperial Militia one for Horus Heresy too (in this case I should trasform two Sergeants in two vexilla-bearers and I should mask the special weapons to look like grenade launcher... I'll do another day!).
I know, there are bases more red than others, the flash of camera gives more enphasis to this (small) difference. 

Above you can see a Griffon Heavy Mortar, I have to renovate it too. I start with enlarging the cabin of the driver:

And I paint it and him:

Now the whole Griffon needs a renovation.... Yeah, I've completed Tarllarn Highlanders infantry, but there are also some tanks!