Saturday, June 6, 2015

Assault Group Dedizione (Stormtroopers Company)

The plan behind the recent renovation of Imperial Stormtroopers and Beret Stormtroopers miniatures is to mix all the selected squads and to merge them in the following Company:

Assault Group Dedizione

Command squad Solida
Role: middle-range fire support.
Equipment: combi-hellgun and autopistol (Commander), sniper rifle, grenade launcher and close combat weapons (Lucifer Blacks).
Support units: armoured Chimera with heavy bolters and hunter missile and Eversor Assassin (very-close combat support).
Eversor Assassin
(AMIG on the standard can mean Arma Mano Iro Gura
or some other gothic motto that sounds better)

Stormtroopers squads Gamma
Role: mortal arrows.
Equipment: meltagun, plasma gun, hot-shot lasguns, frag and krak grenades, meltabomb and close combat weapons for each squad (Stormtroopers).

Veteran squads Black Devils
Role: infiltration, capture the objectives and hold them.
Equipment: meltagun, plasmagun, demolition charge, multilaser, hellguns, frag and krak grenades, close combat weapons for each squad (Veterans).

Facocerus Armoured Sentinel
Role: firing speartip.
Equipment: 2 multilasers.

Assault craft Soldier Termite
Role: ramming enemy fortification, carrying assault units.
Equipment: 3 stormbolters, 2 internal heavy bolter

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pics from the front 2: Assault Group Dedizione

Assault Group Dedizione is completed and I must immortalize these brave stormtroopers.

A mixed command squad examine the battlefield. The armoured Chimera searching targets for his twin-linked heavy bolter.

Next squad is holding a street corner, they wait the eversor assassin to do dirty job.

Soldier Termite's performing a very low hovering on the second squad, engaged in combat. A cover role, literaly.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beret Stormtrooper commander, part 2

Beret Stormtrooper Commander completed!! Mission accomplished! Final rush with so much hurry because summer is coming and I can't paint when it's hot and colours get dry too fast.
In Warhammer 40000 he can be a Tempestor Prime, too. In this case he represents an Imperial Army commander and his bodyguards are the famous Lucifer Blacks. There is also an Eversor Assassin and one... Chimera. Chimera tank doesn't yet exist during the Great Crusade, so this can be a prototype.

One week before, green stuff sculpture:

And now the painting:


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucifer Blacks conversion 5: Vox Operator and Grenade Launcher

Four Lucifer Blacks conversions completed. Four anonimous Veterans, all alike, how Lucifer Blacks should be. Four hardened bodyguards for my selfmade Beret Stormtrooper Commander.
AMIG: Arma Mano Iro Gura (that means... nothing, but sounds good!)

Original graphic concept with two Vallhallans crewmen of Chimera and another one that has become the Lucifer Black sniper. These two will become one Vox Operator and one Veteran with Grenade Launcher.

Building the Vox Operator and the Veteran with Grenade Launcher. Most of the pieces come from plastic sprue, shaped with a common cutter.
The Vox Operator backpack contains a metal Space Marine Scout backpack. The Veteran stands in guard position with his sabre.
Other Veteran has the sabre in the scabbard. Finally both Veterans show the sabre hilts, adorned with eagle skulls.

Green stuff work.

Lucifer Blacks painted. Ugly photos, but I promise you better ones when the Command Squad will be completed...


Monday, April 27, 2015

Beret Stormtrooper commander, part 1

My assault Company needs a Commander. He must wear beret like Veterans and carapace armour too, like Stormtroopers. These links (and many other, smaller) make him very similar to Tempestor (Prime).

Starting my selfmade commander. You can see two old Space Marine Scouts and an older Bretonnian Quest Knight armour (!). Head belogns to the Scout, while the beret is a Valhallan helmet shaped with my cutter. Note the selfmade combi-hellgun with grenade launcher and the tactical screen on his left vambrace.

Before there was another option: to renovate an old conversion (look at Firefight battlescene). He could be coherent with Lucifer Blacks (black coat), but the beret would not be enough to be similar to Beret Stormtroopers miniatures.
Solar Macharius was the second option, but... I can put my hands on this conversion! Or maybe... in the grim future...

Building the backpack, as similar as possible to the original one. However, this one contains the Cogitator (computer) linked to screen on vambrace (note the cable). So it's more elaborate. One autopistol in the holster complete the wargear. 

Hellgun supply cables come from beret stormtrooper Sergeant (see one post before). The patch with the lighting is another link to beret stormtroopers. Instead straps on legs and armour details are links to 3rd edition stormtroopers.
Note the grenades for the combi-hellgun on his right leg.

Now I must model some other detail with green stuff, but wait: there are other two Lucifer Black to complete...


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 6: Sergeant and last four Veterans

Last five Beret Stormtrooper completed! All twenty ready for war, deployed in two Veteran Squads:

Starting miniatures:
These Veterans need frag and crack grenades, they are Stormtroopers! (If you look at previous posts, other two Veterans have selfmade red crack grenades.)

I have some trouble for Veteran Sergeant conversion. I loved original miniature, but he had three weapons! So I had to cut off his laspistol, years ago, replacing it with a strange melta bomb... Now photoshop helps me finding the right configuration. Anyway, none of these is the right one. (I'm quite sorry to modify this miniature, but I have to say that this latex uniform is not so military...)

Conversion and green stuff:
I cut frag grenades to duplicate them and I adjust two Vetarans height. Veteran Sergeant need a bit difficult conversion with green stuff work to rebuild his leg and a frag grenade in his right hand.

Painting complete:
Two Veteran squads completed. Now I have to complete Command Squad...


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 5: demolition charge and multilaser

Another five old Beret Stortroopers renovated. Now I consider them Veterans of Astra Militarum/Imperial Army.

These are the starting miniatures and some useful pieces I have kept for them. From Lascannon conversion I get the Multilaser barrels, cables, batteries and so on.

Work with green stuff:
The two Veterans, one with Meltagun and the other on knees, are the only easy renovations. The Veteran standing and firing with Hellgun (this is not a common Lasgun) was too high and the other one throwing the demolition charge needs a big work too. The conversion of the Veteran firing with self-made Multilaser is yet more difficult.
The Veteran firing with Multilaser aims watching the monitor of the heavy weapon control system.

Painting complete:
Note the red warning light on demolition charge!

Now only five Veteran are missing...