Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tallarn Highlanders, part 3: renovating old command squad

Tallarn Desert Raider miniatures still have potential and this new renovation is quite mad idea, because they are already conversion and their are relics of the past...

Veteran commander is a Al'rahem conversion. The staff is old too. Scottish flag because in 30th millennium tradition is hard to die.  And, keep in mind, these are my Tallarn Highlanders.

  • Commander had 3 problems: 1) static leg and dynamic upper torso 2) arms too big 3) an horrible nightgown. Now nightgown becomes a cloak and arms are static, too. I replace original (culexus assassin) torso with space marine's one. Left shoulder plate come from an astartes scout too!
  • Old standard bearer becomes a firing trooper and the standard now is more linked with its new bearer.
  • Running trooper becomes the vox caster operator and medic loses his melta-gun and his medi-kit is replaced with a demolition charge...
 Some details: