Monday, January 13, 2020

HeroQuest Barbarian Mission 3: restoring the Barbarian

I would introduce this update with a tribute of the magnificent pc game made by Lurchbrick, Isometric HeroQuest:

It's free, it's absolutely the same of the tabletop game, there are the mythical combat dice that rolls, two expansions are included, it's a .exe software that you can run everywhere... You can download it from the author website.

FiInally I want to share my small steps restoring the Heroquest Barbarian.

He can stand by his own, it's a good sign! Sword blade and the top of the head come from old Louen Leoncoeur.

The first face, a Mordheim starting set one, comes from the Erithacus pilot.

I don't like so much, so I find another one (a Chaos Marauder's one), from Black Termite pilot (the firts face goes to a Tanith Ghost). Death Guards from Conquest magazine donate their chainmail, so I can build a... chainmail kilt! This HeroQuest Barbarian might be Bran Mak Morn...

Meanwhile, some years ago, I started encarving the Dwarf, because of the colour and many other issues:


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Titanicus project, part 3: selfmade Reaver Titan

Nearly a year ago I needed a Reaver Titan to deploy a Venator Light Maniple, then I started to build one. Now I'm listening Mechanicum audiobook and I must finish the model, the loyal Legio Tempestus is heroic (and Taranis Knights too).
In the photo the latest update.

In the begininning I've started with pieces from 1:72 tanks, helicopter and guns (and a skeleton of wire):

If without legs it looks like a space ship, then it's all ok... Maybe is a bit too high.
So, I shorten the legs:

This Reaver head looks like to a Transformer's one, so I try to build new eyes-sensors and I change the shape, before too much squared. The flexible metal hoses are made with springs and wire:

The Apocalypse Missile Launcher raises the Titan Reaver too much, again...
I have to improve it, to shorten its neck maybe.