Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Regimental HQ part 3: Solar Macharius conversion with the Regiment Mascotte

After long time I've renovated my old Solar Macharius conversion:

His name was Hero Gerico and he led my Imperial Guard regiment during the Italian Grand Tournament. Now I can refer to him as Lord Solar Corazziere (= Cuirassier), because of his helmet and his heavy burnished armour.
The small lion, the mascotte of Tridentum Sector Force, has taken the place on Lord Solar's side, on the same base. The commander affectionately caresses its mane.

Some pics of the painted conversion:
Solar Macharius miniature has two types of armour: 1) metal plates on his torso and legs and 2) strange rings and modern vambraces; so I've decided to paint in two different ways.

Some pics about the work in progress:
Carving the helmet.

Renovation of Solar Macharius conversion.

Before painting.

Imperial Guard Chaplain - REGIMENTAL HQ -