Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upgrading Soldier Termite aircraft 1

Last month I was taking a shot of Termite aircraft 
covering Imperial Guard Stormtroopers storming into a bunker.
It need some restyling too, I tought. So let's start... First the name: Soldier Termite sounds better.

Soldier Termite with some useful pieces all around:
The main problems are: 1) tail 2) asymetry between right and left flanks 3) ladder on the hatch.
Closing the flank hatch to study simmetry errors:

I've started with the ammo box, inserted near the machinegunner position:

Before main rear reactors of Soldier Termite are inverted, like Valkyria's ones. Now are correct. At the end there are glue cap sections; same restyle for front smaller reactors. You can see the stormbolter turret, too. It can rotate.

Restyle of Soldier Termite tail:
Before tail doesn't follow the inclination of the Snowspider hull. So I cut it into six parts and replaced them with a new configuration. It seems better now.
Rivets help Soldier Termite to look like more an Imperial aircraft, not so sofisticated.

Upgrading Soldier Termite aircraft - Part 2

Friday, July 5, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera 4: painted!

Last post about my armoured Imperial Guard Chimera conversion. It's a Gryphonne Pattern Chimera, my personal interpretation of this pattern, because of the turret twin Heavy Bolter.

Painting Stormtroopers' Chimera:
I keep the same colour scheme of Stormtroopers: turret vox colour is linked to carapace armours and the hull's green is the same of Stormtroopers' weapons. No insigna, I think special forces don't use them for covert operations.

Painting completed, Chimera conversion is combat ready:
Heavy Bolter and Lasgun sponsons visors are red like Stormtroopers weapon visors, gray-blue the smaller periscopes on turret and behind.

Now the comparison between armoured Stormtrooper Chimera and a common one:

Mission accomplished...


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 6: Veteran Sergeants completed

The last two conversion for my Imperial Guard Stormtroopers squad: the Veteran Sergeants. Painting them in these warm months is difficult: colour get dry too fast....

Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant with sword and scabbard:
Before each Sergeant have a golden skull on the chest plate. I remove it and put on the scabbard/holster.
Note the colour scheme of backpack grenades too: they had red-blue-blue.
Hot-shot lasgun helps to balance the model. I remove his close fist: I need it for the next Stormtrooper Sergeant...

Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant with close fist:
He's my favourite one, ordering Halt! to his squad. But I have a trouble: without that big Eviscerator he doesn't look like a Sergeant, indeed he becomes a common Stormtrooper. So I add a special grenade near the frag one. Then I change the place of the pistol, sculpting a new holster, now is more visible (and more accessible and realistic). Before it was behind the right shoulder. I've replaced the Load-Carrying Equipment, trying to follow the movement of the Sergeant pose: down-left to up-right.
I've sculpt almost half of his body with green stuff, now he's like Colonel Straken!

Stormtrooper Gamma squad(s) completed:
Gamma! Gamma! Gamma!
Two Stormtroopers squad together: Gamma Two fighting and behind Gamma One more relaxed. Each squad has a meltagun and a plasmagun.

[Update 05/02/2015] New pics for 3rd edition Stormtroopers:

Mission accomplished...
Two conversions in sequence, you can compare them in this link.
It has been a very hard work, I know. But my Stormtroopers need this and other!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera 3: links between hull and turret

Completing the conversion of the Stormtroopers' Chimera. I want an armoured carrier.

Plastering and modelling Chimera hull:

Before I fill the gap between hull and turret support with white clue (to save green stuff) and then with green stuff. I prefer modelling green stuff with a curved screwdriver, it's very practical.
Now Chimera becomes even higher

Dome-shaped lasgun sponsons:

Lasgun sponsons restored. I've used the screedriver like a driller to make six rings. I've carved original plastic spheres from Chimera, now without their lasgun, because Stormtroopers don't carry lasguns...
The dome-shaped lasgun sponsons are an essential link to dome-shaped turret. Periscopes too. Hull would be too squared without them.
Where armoured skirts can't touch Chimera hull there are two supports. Antenna from Cadian vox caster (it's huge for a trooper). Loudspeaker is in the rear of Chimera hull. I think it can rally the troopers outside the ramp. 

Stormtroopers' Chimera ready for painting:
Armoured Chimera conversion completed. Frontal square plates are linked to track guards. Round visor above hull Heavy Bolter to twin Heavy Bolters red one's. Hull Heavy Requiem has a vertical sponson similar to Leman Russ one's. There is a support for an optional frontal blade. Smokelauncher and many bolts on the sculpted hull.
Chimera's turret gets some new adjustment too: the light&green circle line allows Stormbolter to turn 360 degrees.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 5: other six troopers ready for war

Other six Imperial Guard Stormtroopers ready for war! Four of them require a big conversion and a lot of work, I didn't imagine before starting. The last two, with meltaguns, need only some colour adjustment.

Imperial Guard Stormtrooper throwing frag grenade and a basic one:
Stormtrooper throwing grenade was a possible Sergeant candidate, because of surveyor/auspex and other equipment. He needed just a sabre/sword in the right hand. How you can see the colour scheme of backpack grenades, he remains a trooper. I've reduced the lenght of right hand fingers and renewed his face.
I wanted other Stormtrooper to make firing, but it was not possible... because of two grenades restriction to hot-shot lasgun inclination.

Stormtroopers firing with plasmagun and hot-shot lasgun:
Two Imperial Guard Stormtroopers in firing position. Basic position, but necessary. They require a lot of green stuff work, for sculpting left arms.

Now only the Stormtrooper Sergeants remain....
Last two conversions, one of them (left) not so easy. Continue...


Monday, April 1, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera 2: armoured skirts and track guards

After the turrett, I start working on the whole Stormtroopers' Chimera.

Test: I've turned up the armoured skirt. Now the new Chimera profile is better, more aggressive. Note that Chimera turret must be replaced in the original position, on the right of the hull.
Armoured skirts and track guards come from old Space Marine Rhino/Predator/Vindicator metal armoured ones.

Black primer on Chimera turret, here with Stormtroopers hotshot lasguns and plasmaguns.

Chimera crewman painted with the same colour scheme of Stormtroopers.

Starting with track guards, too, shaping plastic pieces as armour plates.

Right flank almost finished. Compare the two side of tank with track guards and armoured skirts replaced.

Turret compartment placed in the original position. Note the white glue to save green stuff.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 4: firs two testing models ready

Here you are the first two Imperial Guard Stormtroopers conversions! Two brave testing models...

1: Stormtrooper ready to fire:
The best pose in my opinion and his face helps. He's ready to fire, with eyes wide open. If GW plans to make new Imperial Guard Stormtroopers must ispire itself by my conversion!

2: Stormtrooper with plasma gun. 
Left hand on plasma gun and not under it. Like to say: "Dear plasma gun..."
You can see that plasma gun is longer at the end, I've modified it. Before its lenght wasn't enough. 

Disposition of coloured grenades on the backpack
What are that cylinders on the stormtrooper backpack? Grenades, paratroopers stuff? I dont' know, but now they have a sense. Note the colour's disposition:
- blue red blue for trooper
- blue blue red for special weapon
(- red blue blue for Sergeant)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 3: hotshot lasguns and brainstorming about the Sergeant

Making Hotshot lasguns and plasma guns ready:
 End of green stuff work (I hope...)

Brainstorming about Stormtrooper Sergeant:

What's the best pose for the Stormtrooper Sergeant? With photoshop I see that the sword isn't a bad idea. But the close fist to say Halt! remains better for me.

I have Colonel Schaeffer miniature too. If I use him to safe Sergeant with Eviscerator?
Left: trying to draw the conversion. It's quite good but the original armour is not the same of Stormtroopers...

Original Stormtrooper Sergeant model (conversion) must have a scabbard for his sword. Right arm will be replaced...

And if...
If I keep all the Stormtroopers with swords? I can improve some miniatures like this model on the right...

But it's late to think such things...

Stormtroopers are ready for serious conversion. Let's start now...


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera: turret conversion

Sad accident for Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera. Its turret falls to the ground and now it needs a upgrade.
My Stormtrooper Chimera is a heavy conversion, made by many metal pieces from old Predator Annihilator tank. Build 12 years ago...
Here the pic:

Tank crewman has the head from Exterminator crewman (3rd edition, Catachan), Sly Marbo pistol and Chimera crewman torso.
You can see metal track guards and armoured skirts. I was playing Warhmamer 40000 addon Cityfight and this is Stormtroopers' dedicatet trasport. Once upon a time my stormtroopers has the crewman color scheme...

Let's start upgrading Chimera turret:
I remove pistol and smoke launchers. Stormbolter magazine now looks like better...

Stepladders and round hatch.

Chimera turret assembled with twin-linked Heavy Bolters, armoured plates and Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher. Twin-linked Heavy bolter (like FW Ryza Chimera) because Stormtroopers need a lot of suppression fire, they cannot waste their personal fire against light infrantry.
Green stuff work....