Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tallarn Highlanders 10: selfmade Mortar

A small miracle: two heavy weapons from one... From a big autocannon I get all the pieces to make an original autocannon and the base to self-made a mortar. On wheel, I like it.

Conversions look better on painted miniatures:

Details of heavy weapons:

So, I've to upgrade colour scheme of lascannons:

61/71 Tallarn Highlanders completed.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mordheim project, part 1: Bretonnia Questing Knight

The deerhunter... I would to set up a Bretonnian warband and so I need a leader. A Questing Knight on foot. I have to self made him. Few parts come from Bretonnian miniatures, you can see Culexus Assassin legs, Woodelf Wardancer kilt...

First I try tu build a torso with Valhallian sleeping beds and a deer head above the helm.

After I chose another torso and so I can add the right arm and legs (one leg and one feet...).

Right arm completed. I have not yet chosen if the Questing Knight would have a spear, a halberd, a morning star. I don't know.

Legs will become big as Storcast ones! The sword in the scabbard helps me to selfmade the rear side.

Left arm completed, with shield. Selfmade chain mail, buckle and two crossed horns on the torso.
It's not easy...


Monday, December 11, 2017

Tallarn Highlanders 9: missile launchers and bases upgrade

After lascannon teams, I finish missile launcher's too. Eleven more Tallarn Highlanders ready. On these heavy weapon I've tried another colour scheme, very simple (old GW colour Leprous Brown) and coherent with tanks one.
Bases get red, because I think Prospero is like Mars...

Now I've to upgrade 41 Desert Raiders bases and three lascannons too...

Meanwhile I've replaced the Exterminator crewman (the Cadian pilot of the old Sentinel) with this conversion:
He wears a rebreather and I don't know why... he's the only one in the whole company!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tallarn Highlanders 8: selfmade round bases for heavy weapon

I need some big round base... My old heavy weapon teams of Tallarn Highlanders have to be upgraded to 8th edition (or 7th for Horus Heresy). So I get the plastic bases from cd cases, cutting them with the help of a compass (after I've replaced his pencil with a nail).

Now I can paint the three lascannons teams of the company and six more troopers:

Tallarn Highlanders ready for war are 41 on a total of 71:
This Infantry Company fits all the space in the showcase, because of the  new round bases, of course!