Saturday, June 6, 2015

Assault Group Dedizione (Stormtroopers Company)

The plan behind the recent renovation of Imperial Stormtroopers and Beret Stormtroopers miniatures is to mix all the selected squads and to merge them in the following Company:

Assault Group Dedizione

Command squad Solida
Role: middle-range fire support.
Equipment: combi-hellgun and autopistol (Commander), sniper rifle, grenade launcher and close combat weapons (Lucifer Blacks).
Support units: armoured Chimera with heavy bolters and hunter missile and Eversor Assassin (very-close combat support).
Eversor Assassin
(AMIG on the standard can mean Arma Mano Iro Gura
or some other gothic motto that sounds better)

Stormtroopers squads Gamma
Role: mortal arrows.
Equipment: meltagun, plasma gun, hot-shot lasguns, frag and krak grenades, meltabomb and close combat weapons for each squad (Stormtroopers).

Veteran squads Black Devils
Role: infiltration, capture the objectives and hold them.
Equipment: meltagun, plasmagun, demolition charge, multilaser, hellguns, frag and krak grenades, close combat weapons for each squad (Veterans).

Facocerus Armoured Sentinel
Role: firing speartip.
Equipment: 2 multilasers.

Assault craft Soldier Termite
Role: ramming enemy fortification, carrying assault units.
Equipment: 3 stormbolters, 2 internal heavy bolter