Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catachan Earthsharks Veterans and Grenadiers

Photo details of Catachan veterans. Each squad has a small icon on the head.

Whole Catachan Veterans squads. The first with meltaguns and shotguns, others two have lascannon and Sergeant with power fist. Sergeants are new Catachan officers, one of them has a self-made power fist, another a self-made shotgun. Do they look like Armageddon Ork-hunters?

Catachan Grenadier Squads. They have plasmaguns from Chaos Space Marines and helmets and shoulder pads from plastic Chaos Marauders. One grenadier for each squad has an armoured shield, from old plastic Bretonnian miniatures. He could be the Sergeant. Some Grenadiers wear bear and moustache because they are Veterans. Self-made hellguns are made by flamer and lasgun.

Detail of the helmet. Each Catachan Granadier have a small nickname.


  1. thats so cool, this is what modeling should be. such creativity.

  2. Really, really cool. I want to do my Catchans in the style of COD Ghosts.