Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 5: demolition charge and multilaser

Another five old Beret Stortroopers renovated. Now I consider them Veterans of Astra Militarum/Imperial Army.

These are the starting miniatures and some useful pieces I have kept for them. From Lascannon conversion I get the Multilaser barrels, cables, batteries and so on.

Work with green stuff:
The two Veterans, one with Meltagun and the other on knees, are the only easy renovations. The Veteran standing and firing with Hellgun (this is not a common Lasgun) was too high and the other one throwing the demolition charge needs a big work too. The conversion of the Veteran firing with self-made Multilaser is yet more difficult.
The Veteran firing with Multilaser aims watching the monitor of the heavy weapon control system.

Painting complete:
Note the red warning light on demolition charge!

Now only five Veteran are missing...