Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera: turret conversion

Sad accident for Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera. Its turret falls to the ground and now it needs a upgrade.
My Stormtrooper Chimera is a heavy conversion, made by many metal pieces from old Predator Annihilator tank. Build 12 years ago...
Here the pic:

Tank crewman has the head from Exterminator crewman (3rd edition, Catachan), Sly Marbo pistol and Chimera crewman torso.
You can see metal track guards and armoured skirts. I was playing Warhmamer 40000 addon Cityfight and this is Stormtroopers' dedicatet trasport. Once upon a time my stormtroopers has the crewman color scheme...

Let's start upgrading Chimera turret:
I remove pistol and smoke launchers. Stormbolter magazine now looks like better...

Stepladders and round hatch.

Chimera turret assembled with twin-linked Heavy Bolters, armoured plates and Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher. Twin-linked Heavy bolter (like FW Ryza Chimera) because Stormtroopers need a lot of suppression fire, they cannot waste their personal fire against light infrantry.
Green stuff work....


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 2: building hot-shot guns and upgrading faces

Building hot-shot guns and upgrading faces to some troopers. My Imperial Guard Stormtroopers need a second conversion, part one

WIP of six hot-shot lasguns and two plasma guns:
I'm using lasguns too to build hot-shot lasguns, not only space marine bolters. Now the guns are assembled, but they need a lot of green stuff...

Upgrading faces
As you see, I'm building much more possible before working on the stormtrooper miniatures (rule: minimize the damage).
So here a pair of facial plastics:

This miniature has no more his original face, but Sly Marbo owns (do you recognise his small nose? damn Mark Bedford!!). It was not well painted.. it reminded me a carachter of 300 movie.... Now I paint right eye in the right place and I cover left eye with the optic lens.
I'm quite satisfied by the result.

Second facial plastic. I've removed original mask, this face came from Chimera crewman, but I'm not so sure. It was horrible, now, with green stuff and a bit of color, it's better. Is it?