Friday, July 5, 2013

Upgrading Imperial Guard Stormtroopers' Chimera 4: painted!

Last post about my armoured Imperial Guard Chimera conversion. It's a Gryphonne Pattern Chimera, my personal interpretation of this pattern, because of the turret twin Heavy Bolter.

Painting Stormtroopers' Chimera:
I keep the same colour scheme of Stormtroopers: turret vox colour is linked to carapace armours and the hull's green is the same of Stormtroopers' weapons. No insigna, I think special forces don't use them for covert operations.

Painting completed, Chimera conversion is combat ready:
Heavy Bolter and Lasgun sponsons visors are red like Stormtroopers weapon visors, gray-blue the smaller periscopes on turret and behind.

Now the comparison between armoured Stormtrooper Chimera and a common one:

Mission accomplished...