Friday, November 19, 2010

Stormtroopers conversion: old and new ones

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers Sergeants: new VS old:
The veteran sergeants. Sergeant on the left has a two-hands chainsword ( from imperial missionary, Eviscerator?). Arms are self-made. Other Sergeant has additional equipment and a melta bomb (from Culexus assassin skull).
Uniforms are black, like SAS or GIS special forces.

Old Imperial Guard Stormtroopers with Beret:
Old Stormtroopers squad (the "Imperial Guard Beret Stormtroopers"). Codename: Black Devils. I've cut plastic storm troopers body and replace plastic heads (they were all the same...) with metal heads from heavy weapon team. Originally lasguns were different, so I've modified the metal variant, to be similar to the plastic one.

update 01/02/2015: Beret Stormtroopers new conversion

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers with close combat weapon (I was mad):
Squad Gamma. New Stormtroopers (modified from 3rd edition) with sword, pistols and grenades. Two of them have meltaguns, other two are throwing frag granades. I've cut off masks from someone to paste faces from other miniatures. Arms are made with plastic arms from Space Marines and green stuff. Mad conversions... Original Sergeant has a self-made bag and the bionic arm replaced with a common arm.

update 22/06/2013: Stormtroopers new conversion
UPDATE 1: Second conversion/renovation ot the 3rd edition Stormtroopers
UPDATE 2: Second conversion/renovation of the Beret Stormtroopers

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